Goods Procurement Services (1.1)

Reduce product prices and the total cost of all aspects of the supply chain for existing products.


  • We optimize your procurement strategy: By strictly screening suppliers, we select those with high cost-performance and reliable quality to obtain more competitive prices. In addition, we further reduce procurement costs through bulk purchasing or long-term cooperation agreements.


  • We continuously improve supply chain efficiency: By optimizing inventory management, logistics scheduling, and transportation methods, we reduce inventory costs, minimize transportation losses, and shorten transportation times, thereby lowering the operating costs of the entire supply chain.


  • We reduce production costs for you: By improving production processes, enhancing automation levels, and introducing energy-saving equipment, we lower production costs. At the same time, we strengthen quality control to reduce the occurrence of defective products and lower overall costs.


  • Our team has excellent negotiation skills: Our negotiation experts effectively communicate and negotiate with suppliers to secure more favorable pricing conditions. By showcasing purchasing volume and credibility, we increase our bargaining power in negotiations.


  • We have a diverse range of suppliers: We have established a network of over 300 diversified suppliers, increasing competition and further reducing procurement costs. Simultaneously, having the support of multiple suppliers helps us respond to unforeseen events and ensure the stable operation of the supply chain.